Dan Hynes

Attorney Dan Hynes, the New Hampshire DWI Guy is devoted to drunk driving defense and his practice is 100% DWI defense including administrative license suspension hearings at the DMV. He is presently the only lawyer in all of New Hampshire who only handles DWI cases. Attorney Hynes wrote 3 books on DWI including one for other attorneys in NH.

Attorney Hynes is experienced in helping hundreds of clients charged with DWI including hundreds of combined DWI trials and DWI DMV hearings. He handles more DWI trials in a year than most lawyers do in their career.

Attorney Dan Hynes is admitted to practice law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Owner of Intoxilyzer 5000 EN - This is only approved breath machine to be used in New Hampshire for purposes of an administrative license suspension or per se DWI charge.

Owner, Operator, & Supervisor of Alco Sensor FST PBT - This is the newest version of the portable breath test machine offered by Alco Sensor. It is used by many police departments throughout New Hampshire. By understanding, owning, and testing this machine, Attorney Hynes fully understands its accuracy and limitations and is a certified Supervisor/Operator.

Sobriety Checkpoint Experience - If you have been the victim of a "sobriety checkpoint" you should know a certain New Hampshire police department stated "The “Sobriety Checkpoint” is the most effective method of detecting and apprehending the impaired operator." I know the first phase of DWI detection is vehicle in motion, and there are more than 50 different things an officer can be looking for. If you are stopped randomly at a checkpoint, the officer likely did not see bad driving. He is therefore going to heavly rely on other things, like field sobriety tests. A DWI lawyer who has handled cases involving sobriety checkpoints knows the law on checkpoints and can help.

Experience handling all types of DWI - As a DWI Lawyer / DUI Lawyer, Attorney Hynes (N.H. DWI GUY) has experience handling all types of criminal matters / motor vehicle / license issues, and has achieved successful results for many clients. Although no lawyer can guarantee a certain outcome, Attorney Hynes (N.H. DWI GUY) can evaluate your case, explain your options, and provide a professional opinion as to what course of action you might want to take.

Significant DWI training - Some of the training Attorney Hynes has completed includes DWI drug training, field sobriety tests (student & instructor course), and chemical tests (breath & blood).