The Kerry County Council in southwest Ireland has passed a controversial measure that could make it legal for some rural drivers to get behind the wheel after knocking back a few stiff drinks.

While only three council members voted "no" on the proposed legislation, five apparently support the creation of special permits for driving in sparsely populated areas while intoxicated, according to the Guardian.

Nationwide, Ireland has been cracking down on drunken driving, according to Irish news outlet, which reports that drivers are now allowed only 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, "equivalent to drinking less than one pint of beer." But permits proposed in the Kerry measure would allow rural residents to consume "two or three drinks," per the Guardian."

It is interesting to note even this proposed law would still be harsher than the law in place in New Hampshire. Throughout the country, the BAC level for adults is usually .08. Many countries in Europe are tough and have a much lower BAC limit such as .02 or .05.